Watersports Nomad Courses – 5 NEW Reasons to do enroll.

Watersports Nomad is an instructor training program based in Vassiliki, Lefkas, Greece. The training is based at Club Vass for windsurfing and Wildwind for dinghy and catamaran sailing.
1.  SUP Instructor qualification added to the Windsurf Instructor Course.
2. E-foiling and E-biking have been added to selected courses.
3. Catamaran Instructor training has been added to the RYA Sailing Instructor course.
4. Work Experience options at Club Vass and Wildwind.
5. Free Photos and Videos as part of your NOMAD Course   

Formally known as Flying Fish Greece, Watersports Nomad is now the ONLY watersports training centre in Vassiliki bay – the European watersports Mecca. They still benefit from the fantastic amount and range of brand new equipment at Club Vass and the unrivalled range of Dinghies and Cats at Wildwind.

The bay of Vass offers glorious and unique conditions for water sports participants of all levels. The social life around the harbour in the town of Vassiliki is friendly and inclusive, with outstanding mediterranean cuisine and famous local bars. The party scene includes the weekly Wildwind BBQ with live music and dancing and the world famous Club Vass BBQ. Lots of like minded watersports enthusiasts in one place makes for a great summer vibe!

1. SUP Instructor qualification has been added to selected Windsurf Instructor courses.

Watersports Nomad is now an official BSUPA recognised school (the only one in Greece!) and with SUP still the fastest growing watersport, there is a high demand for SUP instructors. Many of the holiday companies are asking prospective staff to be qualified in two sports so Windsurfing and SUP work well together. SUP when there is no wind and windsurf when the breeze kicks in! Check out the Windsurf and SUP Instructor Course here

2. E-foiling and E-biking has been added to selected courses.

Watersports Nomad have partnered with E-vass to provide E-foiling and E-Mountain Biking as part of their Nomad Training. Foiling is the latest exciting hype in watersports and E-foiling is coming to the forefront of this as it is so accessible.  This futuristic element of electric sports is definitely here to stay.  For more info about this click here.  

3. Catamaran Instructor training has been added to the Dinghy Sailing Instructors course.
Wildwind Sailing Holidays have an outstanding range of mono hulls, but probably the best collection of Hobie cats in the world. So Watersports Nomad are delighted to include the RYA Multihull Endorsement as part of their Instructor Training program.  The cross-shore wind in Vassiliki makes it the perfect training location and having two instructor qualifications is better than one!!!  More info here

4. Work Experience options at Club Vass and Wildwind.

Watersports Nomad have trained many of the staff that now work at Club Vass and Wildwind. Once training is complete there are options to gain teaching hours and experience working at these world famous Watersports clubs. As well as this, there is considerable support and references to help get a job with the other major holiday companies, this can be secured even before the course has started!

5. Free photos and videos as part of your NOMAD course.   

Watersports Nomad have teamed up with two fantastic companies in Vassiliki; Protography Official and Vass Vids. Protography will provide Watersports Nomad students with all of the shots of them on the water  Windsurfing, SUPing, Dinghy sailing and Cat sailing. Vass Vids based at Club Vass will provide video clips of the Nomad students on the windsurf courses only. This is included in the course price at NO EXTRA CHARGE. SO you will have a load of media to take away with you after the course and make everyone jealous! 

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