Accommodation in Vassiliki

The Watersports Nomad apartment block has 14 twin-bedded rooms, each with a balcony and a private bathroom.

The shared kitchens are comprehensively equipped with all cooking facilities, as well as allocated dry food storage and ample Fridge and Freezer Space. There is a large table in the courtyard for al fresco dining, a breakfast bar on the balcony and table with seating inside.  

Most students on our instructor training courses will all stay here together and state it to be a highlight of their experience with us in Vassiliki. 

Eating out in Vassiliki is good value so you may not cook too often; many of our students find local restaurants who give deals for repeat custom!

There are two washing machines exclusive to the house, one for each floor as well as fan in each room. WiFi is Included. 

Each room is comfortable, regularly cleaned and ideal for those who need somewhere simple to stay whilst enjoying all Vassiliki and Greece have to offer.

On a budget? Choose the shared option: £30 Per night 

Want some privacy? Pay for your own room: £45 Per night 


Accommodation options

Accommodation in Vassiliki

Accommodation Only

Our simple accommodation at the Nomad House is perfectly positioned in Vassiliki village and near to the beach. It is a 10 minute walk from the accomodation to Club Vass and Wildwind where all training takes place.

Accommodation + Desk

Fancy spending more time in a venue were you can work, windsurf, paddleboard and mountain bike all in one day? Our accommodation has designated rooms with desks and WiFi available where you can work from home in the most glorious location. 

As soon as the wind fills the bay, close that laptop and head to the water for an early evening windsurf. You can log off from work and be on the water within 15 minutes!

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