Becoming a Windsurfing instructor – Daisy Bassett

Daisy Bassett completed her windsurfing Instructor training with Watersports Nomad in Vassiliki, Lefkas. She became qualified and successfully completed her work experience securing a job at Club Vass. We asked Daisy to tell the story of Becoming a Windsurfing instructor in Vassiliki, Greece.

Why did you choose to become a windsurf Instructor with Watersports Nomad?

It was a really great opportunity to become a Windsurfing Instructor in an amazing place with a great social life! I chose to do the Fast-Track Windsurfing Instructor course because I have been windsurfing all my life and I wanted the fastest route to being qualified.

Becoming a Windsurfing instructor in Vassiliki
Daisy Becoming a Windsurfing instructor in Vassiliki Bay

What was the best thing about your course?

I loved getting to spend everyday on the water and being able to windsurf until the sun went down. I loved how there were group meals out and other social activities we could do alongside our course.

What’s Special about Vassiliki?

Its one of the Hubs of windsurfing in Europe a place that allows you to windsurf pretty much every day with really good conditions. A really fun social life and lovely family run restaurants in the town, its a great place to live and work!

How did you find the work experience element of your course?

The work experience was great being able to immediately take what you had learnt and put it into action. I feel like it definitely helps you progress as a new instructor and become more confident. I did two weeks of mentored work experience under the guidance of Watersports Nomad, then I was able to secure a job at Club Vass straight after that!

What was the social life like on the course?

There is always something to do and never a dull moment. We had lot of fun socializing in the town of Vassiliki where everyone was very friendly and the locals gave us good prices. We also explored the island of Lefkada with the other guys on the course, there are many stunning beaches and sites to see.

Become a dinghy sailing instructor with Watersports Nomad. #5
Exploring Lefkada with Watersports Nomad

How was it staying in the Nomad House?

Really nice, the best accommodation a seasonnaire will get! Staying in the same accommodation as all the other people on the course made the whole experience very sociable. We all bonded quickly and I made some friends for life. The house is well kitted out with catering facilities and washing machines so we had everything we needed although we did find cheap ways to eat out a lot!

Watersports Nomad House Vassiliki

What are you planning to do this summer?

Having just returned from a full winter of catching waves down under in Australia. This summer I will be working as a windsurfing instructor at West Wittering beach on the south coast of the UK. 2XS windsurf school is widely know as one of the best spots for windsurfing as well as winging and SUP!

What would you say to anyone thinking of doing a watersports instructor course in Vassiliki?

Its a great opportunity to become a windsurfing instructor whilst really improving your own windsurfing in a really great location where you will meet so many like minded people. You will also develop lots of people skills and learn how to control groups on the water. The social life is lots of fun you will make friends for life.

Becoming a Windsurfing instructor in Vassiliki
Watersports Nomad end of week party

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