Dinghy & multihull instructor courses with Watersports Nomad.

Dinghy & multihull instructor courses with Watersports Nomad will put you on the right path to your dream job within the watersports and sailing industry. If you’ve ever contemplated becoming a dinghy sailing instructor now’s your chance.

Dinghy sailing & multihull instructor courses in Greece.

And in addition, Watersports Nomad is based on the idyllic Greek island of Vassiliki Bay on the island of Lefkas. Renowned for its idyllic sailing conditions mornings are perfect for learning whilst afternoons are amazing for advanced sailing. Check the video below to see exactly what we’re talking about!

With an experienced team of professionals, amounting to many years in the watersports business, Watersports Nomad is poised to get you qualified and have you riding into that awesome job you’ve always imagined. We have a long list of dinghy sailing and watersports contacts that come to us asking for instructor staff. Due to how well respected Watersports Nomad is any business providing dinghy sailing tuition know they’ll be getting the best trained staff. 

Wildwind: our sailing training partner.

All dinghy sailing & multihull instructor courses are run with our partner Wildwind. Wildwind are another business that have been involved in the industry for considerable time. They’ve also been in Vass for the long haul too. There aren’t many other sailing centres that give the choice of such high performance boats and a ready to access top class sailing venue. 

Our dinghy sailing partner, Wildwind, has access to all the boats you need.

Whether looking to coach mono hull sailing or multihull Watersports Nomad dinghy instructor courses are the best choice for getting qualified. Furthermore, once accredited you’ll be free to pursue a career overseas – with one of the many watersports holiday companies – or find employment back in the UK with a failing school, club or centre. Watersports Nomad dinghy sailing and multihull instructor courses give you plenty of options. Additionally, we can mentor and guide whatever you’re thinking.

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