Dinghy sailing instructor jobs – no prior experience needed.

Dinghy sailing instructor jobs are a dream for many. So much so that a lot of individuals, even if they briefly consider the possibility, quickly brush the thought aside. Often this is because a lack of experience is thought prohibitive to getting one of the many dinghy sailing instructor jobs offered by a number of employers. But it’s not impossible and more achievable than you’d think – for most people.

Dinghy sailing instructor jobs for everyone.

If you want it you can have it. Even with zero or limited prior sailing experience individuals contemplating becoming a dinghy sailing instructor or working in watersports can make the dream a reality. The often-held perception is sailing should be ingrained and part of your life from birth. Sailing every weekend through childhood is the only way to gain enough sailing experience to become a dinghy sailing instructor.

Winning! That’s how you’ll feel teaching dinghy sailing.

This is factually incorrect. Whilst having previous sailing experience will no doubt help to some degree it’s certainly not essential. Sailing instructor courses – such as those run by Watersports Nomad – are designed to take those with zero sailing hours and train them up. Using proven teaching techniques, the right equipment, and doing it in an idyllic location means all comers will succeed. You just have to choose to want to do it.

Nail the job; change your life.

If you’re sitting reading this wondering how becoming a dinghy sailing instructor will affect you then take it from us: it’ll change your life. For the better. There’s no question, everyone who becomes a dinghy sailing instructor puts themselves on a path to greater fulfillment. Not least because it becomes a job and you get paid to play, as it were.

Don’t get us wrong. Dinghy sailing instructors work hard. Everyone who’s employed in watersports is the same. It’s not a holiday. But we can think of much worse jobs to have and much worse ‘offices’ to be based at. A sandy beach, under a warm sun with inviting blue water in front is a much more desirable picture than four drab indoor walls.

Change your life and turn sailing into your dream job.

Zero to hero.

Zero to hero is a phrase used within the watersports industry referring to dinghy sailing instructors with limited to no history with dinghies. It’s the same with windsurfing too. To some, it may sound like a derogatory term. Yet it isn’t and everyone has to start somewhere.

Whatever that start is the end result should be a positive one with the newly christened sailor achieving something tangible. And there’s nothing more tangible than walking away from a few weeks of intense (but fun) training with a qualification. From there you can get a job teaching sailing and embark on a life less ordinary.

Other benefits of dinghy sailing instructor jobs.

We’ve already mentioned some benefits of teaching dinghy sailing as your job. But there are many more. A big point is meeting and becoming friends with people who stay with you potentially for your whole life.

No prior dinghy sailing experience needed.

An extended network of connections and mates, dotted far and wide (sometimes spread across the globe) means you’ll always be fairly close to someone you know. Whichever part of the planet you end up on. The longer you stay within the dinghy sailing and watersports industry the more friendships you form. And that’s gold! Dare we say it (as this has happened a lot) you may even meet your lifelong partner. Although we can’t guarantee it. But it’s certainly possible.

And there’s more!

There’s so much more. In fact, the list of benefits from getting a dinghy sailing instructor job is almost endless. The whole situation will teach you so much and give insight to the wider world at large. Another thing we’ve heard often from some instructors is that it’s literally been the making of them.

Friendships and memories for life – teaching dinghy sailing is more than just a job.

Having initially qualified as a sailing instructor moving up the ladder, getting additional accreditation, developing your skills and slotting into new roles gives longevity to the whole thing. The uneducated may consider this line of work to be a fleeting blip. But trust us when we tell you plenty of dinghy instructors stick with the sport, add other disciplines to their CV and make a full blown career out of watersports.

Choosing the right dinghy sailing instructor course.

One point we will make is how vital choosing the right dinghy sailing instructor course is. By this we mean it has to include good quality equipment, be set in an inviting location and have a team of experienced coaches guiding and assessing as you head down the path.

Many do learn how to sail in cold water locations. But it’s much more palatable to do so in warm water, under a hot sun and blue skies. Likewise, the conditions you sail in should be as broad as possible. But consistency is also key. If the wind refuses to play ball often then you simply won’t learn anything.

The right course provider is essential.

Ultimately, it’s a job.

Becoming a dinghy sailing instructor is ultimately a job. An idyllic job that can be extremely fulfilling but a job nonetheless. So whilst getting trained is fun (as it’s meant to be) it also needs to be taken seriously. Holidays can be taken at any point. Acquiring new skills in readiness for employment isn’t that. So a watersports training course needs to be approached accordingly.

If you really want a job as a dinghy sailing instructor you need to apply yourself, work hard and come out the other end with the necessary paperwork. That way you’ll get the best opportunities from the best employers within the sailing and watersports industry. The bottom line is: if you want it, it’s there for the taking and you can grab it. Take that leap of faith and get involved…

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