Greece watersports instructor courses – the best way to get qualified.

Greece watersports instructor courses is a phrase that’s perfectly matched. While there are undoubtedly other overseas destinations ripe for watersports action Greece is arguably one of the best. Especially Vassilki, on the Ionian island of Lefkas. To add further ‘icing on the cake’ Watersports Nomad just so happen to be based here. And also provide the best watersports instructor training money can buy.

Greece and watersports.

Greece is synonymous with glorious warm summer weather, balmy Mediterranean waters and an immersive culture that will educate and inspire. Add to the mix Greece’s regular Meltemi wind (also known as the Etesian wind) and you can understand why so many windsurfers and sailors flock to the country each year.

Vassiliki itself has long been a Mecca for windsurfing. In recent times, however, dinghy sailing has firmly embedded itself here. Stand up paddle boarding made its mark in Vass a few years back and more recently the whole foiling explosion has taken hold. Whilst Vass is great for all these disciplines Greece at large is idyllic whatever type of riding you have in mind.

Windsurfing in Greece – watersports instructor training never looked so good!

Watersports instructor training.

When you decide to become a watersports instructor you can choose to either do your training in the UK or head somewhere, like Greece, that doesn’t require quite so much neoprene! We’re certainly not dissing Blighty as conditions at certain times can be good. The problem is weather’s never guaranteed in home waters.

Greece, and Vassiliki, meanwhile can pretty much be counted upon to deliver the goods. With regular as clockwork winds, and the general Greek summer sunny weather, aspiring watersports instructors will be able to focus on the actual task at hand rather Mother Nature’s moods. This can speed the process up massively! As well as delivering high on the fun stakes. After all, it’s much more palatable falling into a bath warm water than cooler brine.

Bath warm water, sunshine and blue skies – the perfect recipe for idyllic watersports instructor training!

Watersports Nomad.

If you’ve not come across Watersports Nomad before then we’re a high quality training provider that specialises in getting you qualified to teach windsurfing, dinghy sailing and paddle boarding. In tandem, we make sure you’re equipped with the peripheral skills of being able to cover student safety, correct teaching methods, and refined communication. Watersports Nomad aims to equip you with everything needed to work in the watersports industry.

On top of these, we have industry contact far and wide. So whilst you’re never 100% guaranteed a job post-course, we will endeavour to put you in front of the right people when searching for your first watersports instructor role.

Watersports Nomad – the best team to get you qualified in watersports.

An immersive experience.

Choosing to do your watersports instructor training in Greece isn’t just limited to time afloat. Watersports Nomad very much encourages students to experience the renowned Greek hospitality, culture and history. There are a wealth of things to check and do in and around Vass, plus wider afield on Lefkas.

Greece is noted for its historical sites whilst the food and drink can be top notch. During days off you could potentially grab a boat trip to experience other areas or head into one of the other villages or towns. Island hopping is a thing with ferries transporting tourists back and forth or jumping on a bike and heading high into the mountains.

Stunning views await.

Greece for the win.

If you’ve never travelled to Greece before then you’ll be in for a treat. Being close to the UK it’s easy to fly into and then, once on the ground, moving from A to B is stress free. The weather is a huge bonus. Whilst in Vass itself there’s plenty to get your teeth into.

For those considering watersports instructor training your course at Watersports Nomad in Greece is highly recommended. You won’t find a better location. Even if we do say so ourselves!

The idyllic Vassiliki Bay, Greece.

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