How to become a dinghy sailing instructor.

Become a dinghy sailing instructor with Watersports Nomad.

Dinghy sailing has always offered the thrill of being propelled along by wind power. It’s a majestic activity that’s both natural and elemental. Being immersed in nature and the outdoors is a great thing and one that should be encouraged.

Some may have grown up dinghy sailing whilst others look on with envy. Yet whatever your background or sailing experience becoming a dinghy instructor opens up the handling of boats for all comers. And even better you could get paid for doing what you love.

Sunny climes, warm temperatures and the best dinghy sailing experiences ever!

We appreciate that for anyone considering taking up sailing the UK’s weather doesn’t always appeal. Often cold, with fickle conditions, and a perceived expense it can all be off putting for the newbie. Yet there’s always a way if you’re prepared to look beyond those initial perceptions.

Becoming a sailing instructor with Watersports Nomad.

Likewise, those already skilled sailors may be wanting a more idyllic experience. There’s no substitute for cruising around in warm weather with those UV rays on your back. Impromptu dunkings are also no issue when capsizing as the water’s also warm it’s actually a joy to be in the brine. Becoming a dinghy sailing instructor in Greece is one surefire way of loving the experience.

Venues such as those described do make the whole dinghy sailing experience all the more fun for most people. But it’s all just pie in the sky, isn’t it? And way out of reach for most of us… Not so much if you become a dinghy instructor and book yourself onto a Watersports Nomad instructor training course. With this approach, your dinghy sailing experience will be the best ever. And you’ll walk away with an RYA qualification that’ll allow you to gain employment as a coach right across the globe.

The right location for becoming a dinghy sailing instructor.

It isn’t just about becoming a dinghy sailing instructor with watersports Nomad.

Becoming a dinghy instructor can, in theory, take place anywhere there’s water, access to boats and an RYA accredited school. But there’s a world of difference between learning at your local gravel pit under a grey sky and being somewhere warm, and consistently windy with access to the latest and greatest equipment.

Experience is everything when it comes to building confidence and getting that efficient progression. With (literally) a sunny outlook it’s so much easier to become a dinghy instructor – motivation guaranteed. And with fellow students all in the same boat (pun intended), your development and evolution is a shoe-in.

Sailing Instructor Vassiliki
Living the dream in Vass.

The hallowed shores of Vassiliki Bay, located in Greece’s Southern Ionian, have been a staple part of summer wind sports for decades. Windsurfing is definitely a thing in Vass but so too is performance dinghy sailing. It’s not uncommon to have multi and mono hull high performance boats rocketing around the bay when the infamous afternoon cross shore breeze kicks in.

And yet with much calmer mornings those learning the ropes will be well catered for and be able to improve. All this adds up to getting each candidate a solid base skill level for ultimately becoming a qualified dinghy sailing instructor.

The right dinghy sailing equipment for rounded progression.

Being based in Vassiliki Watersports Nomad has access to and partners with awesome sailing and windsurfing centers. Each has the very latest and greatest in equipment which allows all our prospective dinghy coaches to experience as much as they can. With watersports and dinghy schools around the world using different boats this is essential. Our qualified instructors can go on with confidence to wherever their sailing career takes them, safe in the knowledge they’ll have the base knowledge and experience required.

Picture yourself here? BE here with a Watersports Nomad watersports training course.

From a personal development point of view it’s also extremely fun and confidence inspiring to helm assorted boats. Perhaps you’re only used to sailing your own boat at home. Or maybe you’ve only ever helmed/crewed the same type of design. With a Watersports Nomad dinghy sailing instructor course your overall knowledge will increase considerably.

The right conditions to learn and improve.

As well as idyllic weather and access to the right dinghy sailing equipment rapid improvement relies on the correct on water conditions. Consistency is the name of the game and unfortunately, UK home waters aren’t known for that. Every dog has its day but being able to guarantee what you’re going to get will help massively when learning how to become a dinghy instructor.

Vassiliki Bay’s calm starts offer idyllically flat water and light air for anyone taking their first steps in a boat. The breeze gradually builds through the morning allowing more improver style sailing to be enjoyed. Perhaps taking one of the performance craft for a first run out. By the afternoon that infamous cross shore kicks in allowing all manner of performance sailing to take place. And this with flat water and zero tide. Consequently, you won’t find a much better, and easier sailing venue than Vass!

Evolve yourself with a Watersports Nomad instructor training course.

Quality teaching, guidance and mentoring.

Watersports Nomad have a vast wealth of watersports knowledge and experience – not just within dinghy sailing either! In addition we can also call on those with even more sailing experience, all of which will be passed onto our students. To get you being the best you can be is extremely important to us. It’s a source of immense pride that we train such high level dinghy instructors who go on to bigger and better things. This solid base and method of teaching ensures coaching efficiency but with maximum enjoyment for the students.

Utilising RYA teaching methods your dinghy instructor qualifications will be recognised anywhere. From an employment prospect point of view this gives you more chance of nailing that dream job. It’s much easier to get your chosen employment when you’ve had the right training and come away with the best instructor qualification.

Could this be you? It can be with a Watersports Nomad instructor training course.

Wartersports Nomad helps with developing communication and interpersonal skills on top of all the practical elements of becoming a dinghy instructor. Effective communication is a foundational building block to all good coaching. But don’t worry, Watersports Nomad do this in a fun and social way that everyone can enjoy. And enjoy ourselves we do – Vass socials are legendary!

What am I likely to teach as a dinghy sailing instructor?

Once qualified you’ll enjoy a varied and broad experience of teaching. Sailors come from all walks of life and with all sailing experiences. As such, no two groups are ever the same. In fact, no one group will ever have the same level of sailors within it.

An example of the type of dinghy sailing instructor team you may become a part of.

You’ll be expected to diversify and provide a versatile experience, catering for all wants and needs. As a general example of what you may have to deliver the following is standard.

  • Adult Sailing Scheme Level 1, 2 and 3.
  • Youth Sailing Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  • Day Sailing.
  • Seamanship Skills.
  • Sailing with spinnakers (if you have experience).

All the above follow the RYA sailing syllabus, hence why we get all Watersports Nomad instructors up to RYA standards by following the same tried and tested teaching methods.

Can I travel as a dinghy sailing instructor?

If you’re the nomadic type, who loves a bit of overseas adventure, then you’ve come to the right place! Travelling is in our blood – it’s in our name. As watersports nomads ourselves, we’re super keen on experiencing as much as our plant has to offer. If we can combine this with our watersports passion then all the better.

Becoming a qualified dinghy instructor will certainly get you employment in the UK. For sailors who want to stay domestic, that’s no problem – many do. But for anyone who fancies ‘getting gone’ and heading abroad, you’ll have the right ticket, literally.

How to become a dinghy sailing instructor
As a dinghy sailing instructor, you may find yourself in a similar situation – travel and sailing go hand in hand.

Many of the companies Watersports Nomad has connections to operate in other countries. The likes of Neilson and Mark Warner for instance offer their guests the opportunity to sail in warmer climes as part of their annual holiday. And these centres all need staff. Which is where you come in. With RYA accreditation Watersports Nomad students are poised to be offered placements in any one of these overseas resorts which means travel on tap. There’s no better way of combining two passions and enjoying a wider experience of what watersports and sailing have to offer.

Typical overseas destinations you’re likely to end up as a dinghy sailing instructor –

  • Greece
  • Turkey
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Croatia

Furtherflung destinations that have options for dinghy sailing instructors potentially include –

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Caribbean
  • United States

Is becoming a sailing instructor a good choice for gap year students?

Taking time out from education, and focusing on something fun and fulfilling is exactly what a Watersports Nomad sailing instructor course can be for. You may not have plans to make dinghy sailing your lifelong career (although some do). But it’ll provide the perfect way to break away from college, university and higher education.

Using the time to reset, refocus and readjust is just what becoming a dinghy sailing instructor can give you. By the time you return to class you’ll be refreshed, energised and have a renewed sense of enthusiasm. And with a whole heap of new memories and experiences that’ll sit with you for a lifetime.

Need a gap year break but want to do something fun? Why not become a dinghy sailing instructor with Watersports Nomad?

Gap year plans can sometimes be hard to nail down. We know some students often want to take a break but struggle to decide exactly what to do. Take it from us when we say a Watersports Nomad dinghy sailing instructor course is (literally) just the ticket. Even if you’ve never sailed before have no fear!

The ultimate life experience.

The Watersports Nomad team of professionals will have you up to speed in no time. is there a better way to spend your summer than under a warm sun and getting paid to do something fun?

What if I’ve never sailed before?

You can enrol on a Watersports Nomad watersports instructor training course with zero previous experience. It really doesn’t matter as we will get you up to speed quickly and efficiently. All you need is a desire to get on the water and enthusiasm to learn.

Vassiliki is an idyllic, warm and windy location with Watersports Nomad having access to top notch equipment and pro level coaches who will guide you. The motivation you need is on tap with those who live and breathe these sports all around you. It rubs off and you’ll become immersed in the culture of what watersports is about. Before you know it you’ll be zipping back and forth on windy afternoons, and piloting craft you never thought of. Confidence breeds confidence and Watersports Nomad has plenty to share. At the end of your course, you’ll be a fully fledged sailor with skills and knowledge to match.

What about other watersports instructor qualifications?

It doesn’t just end with dinghy sailing though. At Watersports Noamd we’re keen on giving you as rounded a qualification base as possible. Whilst we love a bit of sailing we also love other disciplines. In fact, we just love being in the ocean full stop. And if we can pass this enthusiasm and those skills onto other then all the better.

Windsurfing & dinghy sailing qualifications - what do I need to become an instructor?
Watersports Nomad has a vested interest in windsurfing.

Windsurfing, for instance, is another key focus for us. Vassiliki Bay, as many will already know, is a hotbed for summer windsurfing. The consistent afternoon cross shore thermal wind makes it so. Windsurfers have been coming to Vass for decades and there’s no sign of things slowing down. Each season wind obsessed types descend on Vass to enjoy some windsurfing fun. And Watersports Nomad is primed to get you involved. The blog post below will give more info about becoming a windsurfing instructor.

For anyone looking a multiple instructor ticket options, and getting qualified with windsurfing alongside dinghy sailing, we offer the perfect courses for you. This would then round out your qualifications and give even greater opportunities as far as employment goes. You can find out more about all Watersports Nomad instructor courses here.

To answer the question at the start of this article: ‘how to become a dinghy instructor?’ the reply is simple. Book yourself onto a Watersports Nomad dinghy sailing instructor training course for the best experience!

Don’t forget to check out more from the Watersports Nomad blog here. If you have any questions then please get in touch.

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