How to become a watersports instructor.

How to become a watersports instructor is a lot simpler than you think. You may not have any prior watersports experience but there are ways to get you qualified and living your best life. Here at Watersports Nomad, we specialise in this very thing. Being long time seasonaires ourselves we also have the means to train and guide in all things windsurfing, dinghy sailing and SUP. Plus, one of our courses will set you up with additional life skills. You’d be surprised how many past students suggest taking part in a watersports instructor course has helped make them who they are today. Want to know how to become a watersports instructor? Read on for more…

Vassiliki, Greece – the European watersports mecca.

Vassiliki has been a go to Eurpoean windsurfing destination for years. The regular thermal cross shore summer wind is a huge draw to anyone who wants flat water windsurfing fun. The warm Ionian Sea and air temperatures, local vibe and general Greek ambience only add to the attraction.

In more recent years other sports have popped up in the bay, most obviously dinghy sailing. This combined with stand up paddle boarding and the new school discipline of foiling makes Vassiliki even more tangible as a watersports destination. And you can be part of this by booking one of Watersports Nomad’s instructor courses. More than that it can be your life by enrolling on a course.

Click the image to see Vassiliki on Google Maps.

Windsurfing for the win!

Windsurfing is a watersport that fits perfectly with holidays. Many new riders, looking to learn, don’t fancy the cold waters of the UK. Instead, the lure of Mediterranean resorts is much more palatable. The likes of Neilson and Mark Warner (plus others) all need qualified windsurfing and watersports instructors each summer to cater to guests. And you don’t need to be a pro level rider to do so either.

Having all the latest and greatest equipment on tap; coaching and mentorship close to hand; knowledge and information from many experienced windsurfers; plus the inspiration of being immersed in the culture makes Watersports Nomad a natural choice for becoming a windsurfing instructor.

Dinghy sailing fun!

As with windsurfing dingy sailing is another tried and tested watersport that holidaymakers head overseas for. With an opportunity to learn the ropes (literally), add more skills to their existing and (for some) try a whole range of different and high performance boats the watersports holiday market is always in need of coaches.

Whether you have prior experience or none at all Watersports Nomad’s comprehensive dinghy sailing instructor course programme will arm you with all the necessary teaching skills to pass on to guests. And when paired with other qualifications having your dinghy instructor ticket gives even more opportunities for becoming a watersports instructor.

SUP accessibility.

Watersports perhaps don’t come any more accessible than stand up paddle boarding (or SUP for short). One board, one paddle and a stretch of water are all you need. No ‘weather’ or other elements, just you and your kit and the outdoors.

In recent years SUP has boomed, driven by many factors. For the watersports holiday market adding a fleet of inflatable paddle boards makes complete sense. But there’s still coaching needed for those who want to progress. After all, whilst SUP is accessible it requires skills as much as the next discipline. And this is why Watersports Nomad has added paddle boarding to its offering.

With watersports schools, centres and holiday companies inclusive of paddle boarding there’s now more need than ever for qualified SUP instructors.

What other watersports options do I have?

As part of your Watersports Noamd instructor course, we also get you up to speed with a variety of other things. Powerboat accreditation (as you’ll need safety cover when teaching and helping the groups) plus VHF use and first aid are all in the mix. Basically, everything you’ll need to be a fully rounded watersports instructor.

Whilst we don’t offer some of the more new school disciplines of wing foiling and windsurf foiling we do have the option of letting you participate for an additional fee. Get in touch with us to discuss these options. Working with our partners EVass we do offer an eFoil taster session. And when you become a qualified watersports instructor Watersports Nomad has the base qualifications to progress into these other areas if you wish to follow on.

Become a watersports instructor in Greece.

So what’s it like being a qualified watersports instructor and living/breathing watersports? Being a seasonaire and being paid to live in Greece and the wider Mediterranean is something that many people dream of,  but it’s much easier than you think! Check out this video from Joe Bennett fleet commander at Wildwind Sailing Holidays at our summer home for dinghy and multihull sailing.

Also, check out these other posts that tell stories of what it’s like to become a watersports instructor.

Become a watersports instructor – change your life.

If there’s one thing we at Watersports Nomad can confirm it’s that becoming a watersports instructor will change your life. Not only in terms of your career path but also your work and play balance and your lifestyle. Suddenly, being active, outdoors and doing something you love has additional meaning. And you’ll meet and make new friends that’ll stick with you.

We appreciate there’s a lot of unfulfillment and dissatisfaction with many jobs today. One thing we can guarantee is this isn’t the case when you become a watersports instructor and work overseas. Even if you ultimately end up in the UK it’s a far better prospect than some employment positions.

Getting a job as a watersports instructor.

Watersports Nomad not only give you the skills and training to become a bona fide watersports instructor we also mentor and guide you towards employment following your course. There are many options and we have long standing connections within the industry.

As a trusted trainer brands and companies often come to us looking for qualified coaches. So we’re in a great position to get you set up with a job you love. The following articles give insight into getting a job with two of the watersports holiday industry’s biggest providers – Mark Warner and Neilson.

Guaranteed watersports job interview post-course.

When you enrol on a Watersports Nomad instructor course it’s all very well being told you’ll be able to go on to bigger and better things within the industry. But that means going out and find a job yourself (mostly). But what if we told you a guaranteed job interview, with one of the UK’s leading watersports holiday providers, was a given?

We’re thrilled to be working with all our partners. The fact that Neilson Active Holidays will now accept interviewees from Watersports Nomad instructor courses is the cherry on the cake. This puts anyone doing a course in an awesome position. You then just have to shine – as you will do – when in front of the ‘judges’ so to speak.

Watersports Nomad lifestyle.

Whilst a Watersports Nomad instructor course is about getting students qualified to teach windsurfing, dinghy sailing and stand up paddle boarding there’s even more to it than that. As a watersports instructor you need to be able to communicate effectively with anyone and everyone. The guests you’ll be teaching come from all walks of life. Developing effective interpersonal skills is therefore a must. You may be the bubbliest, most outgoing person in the group, or perhaps a little bit more reserved. In all cases, the Watersports Nomad lifestyle will prepare you to interact with holidaymakers without issue.

Windsurfing in a suit
Work hard, play hard!

Unlike the actual on water stuff, this isn’t about going through exercises and drills to build your muscle memory. It’s more subtle than that. The Watersports Nomad environment, and the general Vassiliki vibe, is social. The majority of the time will be spent in the company of others. These include your fellow trainees, Watersports Nomad and auxiliary staff on hand to deliver those essential skills, guests of the centres and providers we use and Vass locals. It may sound full on but there’s a real buzz when surrounded by all these groups of people. And this constant interaction is how those interpersonal skills are developed and refined. But don’t fret, there’s always time to escape to decompress. Days off mean heading out of Vass and finding a quiet seclude to unwind a little – if you wish.

Evening entertainments.

With the above in mind Watersports Nomad regularly runs and encourages all students to attend the many socials we organise. These may be meals out at local Vass tavernas or excursions to outlying hotspots. In some cases, these social gatherings are loosely organised whereby you’re free to come and go as you please. 

Evening ents in Vass are legendary!

These soirees are part of Vass culture and the windsurfing lifestyle in general – not just a Watersports Nomad thing. You’ll meet people – often your fellow instructors in training – who’ll become friends for life. This is a big reason to enrol on a Watersports Noamd instructor course. The connections you make can lead onto other things later down the line. Who knows who you’ll form a bond with and what that may manifest as. One thing’s for sure, Vassiliki evening entertainments are legendary and NOT to be missed!

Watersports instructor lifestyle.

As a qualified watersports instructor there’ll be even more of the above when you finally land your dream job. The difference once on the ground in the resort is you’ll be the one leading and/or organising these social events.

Lifestyle is a big part of becoming a watersports instructor.

Whilst teaching watersports is the main priority it’s also the beach staff (at least with organisations like Neilson and Mark Warner) who chaperone guests to local attractions throughout their stay. It might be every night, as we all need time off, but there’ll be guest socials you undoubtedly be part of. When not in the company of guests instructors will often be found making the most of the resort facilities with their fellow staff. There’s definitely a work hard play hard ethos within teh culture of becoming a watersports instructor.

Experiencing the wider world as a watersports instructor.

One of the big plus points with becoming a watersports instructor and working overseas is being able to immerse yourself in a different culture. Rubbing shoulders with locals from different countries gives individuals teh chance to live a life away from what you recognise as familiar. However and wherever you were brought up will be different to what you find in these places. It’s a great to educate yourself about the wider world we live.

The wider experiences you’ll have are tangible.

Travelling is a great thing, but actually spending time in a spot will allow you to learn more than you can by just visiting for a week or two. There are always subtleties and nuances which are missed when just passing through. Having a foreign location as your base for a length of time gives a more rounded view of what it’s like to be a local. We’ve heard it on numerous occasions but living and working overseas as a watersports instructor has been the making of many.

More opportunities.

We touched on this above when talking about the connection you’re likely to make. And whilst we can’t promise anything there’s a good chance you’ll come across individuals that may shape your future. Perhaps in terms of employment, friendships or even spousal. There are lots of stories of instructors finding true romance whilst working as a watersports instructor. In some cases, these partnerships have gone on to be more, resulting in weddings and families.

From a work point of view, interactions with people from all walks of life can serve up opportunities you never even considered. Those idle chats on the beach may spark longer lasting relationships that result in further job prospects down the line. As a watersports instructor, you’ll possibly develop deeper connections within the watersports industry that allow a lifetime of employment from that initial act of being propelled across the water.

Personal watersports skills development.

One of the big perks with becoming a watersports instructor is being in the right spot, with access to all that shiny windsurfing, sailing and SUP equipment and being able to get afloat using it. Personal riding is a must for watersports instructors. It keeps you sharp for teaching at the very least. But then why wouldn’t you indulge anyway? After all, these sports are why you’re here…

Gettting the opportunity to be on the water lots means there’s a good chance your personal level will increase.

With more time on the water comes further personal improvement. As with many aspects we’ve seen it often when instructors arrive for their fast track course. They may have little prior skills but quick smart they’ll be up to speed. As time wears on these skills become more advanced and pretty since riders are mixing it with the more advanced crew. Thai carries on in some cases we’ve witness instructor go on to be actual pro riders. Some of the windsurfers you see in Vass, for instance, started off as instructors and end being pro coaches. A few actually compete and get sponsored! We’re not saying this is definite but it could be with all the opportunity you’ll be given.

The bottom line with becoming a watersports instructor.

If you fancy a change of career, want to embark upon one of the most fun journeys employment can give you, like the idea of windsurfing/sailing/paddling in warm weather or are simply after a new challenger we’d suggest a Watersports Nomad instructor course is for you.

Have a look by clicking one of the yellow bars in this article at Watersports Noamd’s variety of watersport instructor courses. If you have any further questions or queries get in touch by following this link.

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