Windsurfing instructor: how to become one – Cookie Ride Along Sessions.

Windsurfing instructor and how to become one is the topic of the featured vid below. With our good friend Cookie, featuring one of his famous Ride Along Sessions, is now live to view. Windsurf coach extraordinaire Cookie, whose Ride Along Sessions have become super popular, breaks down what it takes to get students up to windsurfing instructor speed. And all whilst onboard, having a blast, in Vassiliki Bay!

Become a windsurf instructor – change your life!

If you’ve ever had aspirations of becoming a windsurfing instructor yourself then this is for you. In a fun and light hearted way, Cookie talks you through what needs to be ticked off. Once achieved you’ll then be free to work in the windsurf industry. Perhaps for one of the many watersports holiday providers who deliver windsurf courses. As a bonus, watching Cookie’s edit, you get to see the area you’ll do your training in Vassiliki Bay, Greece. What better inspiration could you ask for? If this doesn’t leave you wanting to head out to Vass then we don’t know what to say…

More info about becoming an instructor.

Stumbling upon this post you may have had your interest pricked about becoming a watersports instructor. Windsurfing’s one thing. But there are other watersports too. Dinghy sailing, paddle boarding (SUP), foiling and so on. There’s lots you can get involved with.

Here at Watersports Nomad, we’re specialists in providing the best instructor training for a number of the disciplines mentioned above. For anyone wanting a career, looking to change the course of their life, or just fancying some good time under the Greek sun, check out the WN instructor course details via teh links in this article.

Big thanks to Cookie for putting the vid together and making the prerequisites super simple to understand. For even more info, however, check out the article links below where you’ll find loads of good stuff about all Watersports Nomad’s watersports instructor courses.

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