How to become a windsurfing instructor.

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Windsurfing has always held fascination from onlookers. Colourful sails, flitting back and forth across the horizon, spray dancing in the sunlight with beaming faces signalling the fun. This picture had been a draw for many and is one reason riders take up the sport. But what if you could go one step further and turn that windsurfing passion into your job? What about becoming a windsurfing in structor in Greece?

Windsurfing TV’s video edit about becoming a windsurfing instructor with Watersports Nomad.

Why get a windsurfing instructor qualification?

There are many reasons for becoming a windsurfing instructor. Some may be looking to switch career path and leave the nine to five grind alone (at least for a short while). Others may yearn to get more water time and see windsurf coaching as a viable way to achieve this. 

Teaching new skills and passing on knowledge is a reason itself that some subscribe to. There’s much reward to be had from seeing others improve, progress and push on. Job satisfaction can be hard to find with ‘regular’ employment. Yet becoming a windsurfing instructor delivers this in spades. And all in the most fun manner.

Cold UK weather vs warm water and sun.

As a UK windsurfer, the ever changing elements and Mother Nature’s moods deliver a sometimes less than exotic experience. For sure, there are plenty of hardy, homegrown windsurfers ready to do battle if good forecasts appear. And when those good weather windsurfing days show up UK riding is bliss. But to guarantee this we have to venture overseas.And becoming a windsurfing instructor in Greece is one such option.

Warm weather and warm water make becoming a windsurfing instructor so much more pleasant!

There’s no question warm water, hot sun and windsurfing in less rubber – or even just board shorts/bikinis – is the dream. On paper though this is hard to achieve. But one sure fire way is by becoming a windsurfing instructor. Getting qualified and nailing a job in sunny climes is a relatively easy route to sailing nirvana.

Advanced personal windsurfing skills are key, right?

This is a big myth for many aspiring windsurfing instructors. There’s often a misunderstanding in terms of how skilled you need to be personally. A windsurfing instructor doesn’t need to be the most gifted rider, able to stomp the latest and greatest freestyle moves. And you certainly don’t need to be charging mast high waves. If you can, great, but it’s not essential.

It’s not essential to be able to windsurf like this if you want to be a windsurfing instructor. Watersports Nomad will get you there.

A talented windsurfer doesn’t guarantee he/she will be the best coach. Communication, enthusiasm and a willing to see others succeed is much more important. Of course, there needs to be some level of skill as windsurfing instructors do have to demonstrate certain moves. But these aren’t the high performance manoeuvres you see pros knocking out.

Anyone enrolling on a windsurfing or watersports instructor coaching course with Watersports Nomad will be shown the ropes and guided through those essential skills needed to become an instructor. From a personal riding point of view there’ll be progression from almost zero right up to fully planing in higher winds using performance windsurfing kit. The hallowed shores of Vassiliki Bay (Greece), with its consistently warm afternoon winds and light air mornings, allow for rapid improvement. Within a short space of time, you’ll be mixing it up with those aforementioned pros and well on your way to becoming a seasoned rider.

The right windsurfing location for efficient skills development.

We’ve already talked about the weather. Warm conditions, where the fear of falling in is removed, helps massively when learning something new. Nailing down skills quicker your enjoyment levels are higher which knocks onto more confidence. More confidence equals further progression.

With windsurfing – being a wind powered sport and all – it’s not just about thermometer readings. Consistency is key. Hanging around for weeks on end, waiting for the breeze to show up, isn’t the best. Instead, aspiring windsurfing instructors need somewhere reliable for wind, but also with accessible conditions as a whole. In fact, this goes for any windsurfer – instructor or otherwise – wanting to improve.

Vassiliki is such a place. Calm, still mornings, Mediterranean weather and water, afternoon blows and a windsurfing vibe that’s tangible. These are ingredients that allow quick progression and all that stoke to permeate. Immersion within windsurfing as a culture is a great way to build that enthusiasm and Vassiliki, being an epicentre of summer wind riding, is definitely the right location too be in!

The right windsurfing equipment – another important factor.

Windsurfing is a technical sport, there’s no getting away from that. It’s no good trying to learn or improve using the wrong equipment. If you did you’d find the experience frustrating and demoralising.

The best windsurf kit for becoming a windsurfing instructor.

Fortunately, Watersports Nomad partners with the highly regarded Club Vass. Club Vass is one of the world’s leading windsurfing centres that has oodles of the latest windsurfing kit available for prospective windsurfing instructors to use. Whether beginner, improver or pro there’ll be gear available to get your mitts on. And an abundance of it too.

Getting the opportunity to use more performance orientated windsurfing kit is possible.

As you progress there’s the ability to swap out gear for more performance orientated kit and find your perfect windsurfing partner. In tandem, as your coaching skills develop the ‘tools’ that allow this are also right on site making the whole path as bump free as can be.

Windsurf mentoring, guidance and teaching.

With anything new you need to be shown the correct way. It’s no good listening to hear say or unfounded opinion. Becoming a windsurfing instructor requires the right understanding of modern teaching methods and how to go about getting pupils up to speed. When partnered with the right kit, in the right location the experience and knowledge being passed on by the team of highly trained Watersports Nomad staff are second to none. You’ll be getting every ‘tool’ you need to become the best you can be.

We mentor, guide and teach you how to become a windsurfing instructor.

We pride ourselves on how we teach the teachers. Utilising the RYA windsurf coaching method you’ll gain instructor certificates that can be transferred to almost any windsurfing school, centre and teaching establishment after you’ve finished your training. Watersports Nomad appreciates how credible all windsurfing instructors need to be. Which is why we use only the best to get you to be the best. There’s focus on water drills, yes, but also we help you refine your communication and interpersonal skills as these also play their part as you become a bona fide windsurfing instructor.

So back to the main question of this article: how to become a windsurfing instructor? The answer’s easy… Book yourself onto a Watersports Nomad windsurfing instructor course and evolve yourself!

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