It all starts from becoming a Windsurfing Instructor – Ollie Scott

The manager of Club Vass took some time to explain the benefits of becoming a windsurfing Instructor. Ollie Scott gave us an incite into his lifestyle and why he has agreed to be a Watersports Nomad Ambassador. 

Name: Oliver Scott 

Cover photo credit ©douw steyn

Nickname: Ollie/ Scotty

Current Job Title: Club Manager

Current Location: Vassiliki

Sponsors: Club Vass, Carve Machine Boards, Boardwise Windsurfing.

Qualifications: RYA Senior Instructor, RYA Advanced Plus Windsurf Instructor, RYA PB2, RYA First Aid.

What made you want to be a seasonaire in the first place?

Just fell into it after doing my RYA Start Windsurfing Instructor Course

What skills has working in the seasonal industry given you?

Communication skills, team leading, organisation

3 Life lessons you have learnt from being a seasonaire:

Punctuality, Teamwork, Wear sunscreen

What’s special about Vassiliki?

There really is something for everyone!

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Why did you agree to be a WATERSPORTS NOMAD Ambassador?

I believe in the great coaching from Watersports Nomad so happy to represent them. They really can take you from Zero to Hero. The location is pretty good too! 

Best place you have done a season?

Margarita or Vassiliki

Why do you continue to do seasons?

Best Job in the world, my office is a beach!

Best thing about being a seasonaire?

Lifestyle, freedom and travel

What would you say to anyone thinking of training to be an instructor?

Work hard, the rewards are huge at all levels of coaching. Take the chance to interact and network with people from all walks of life. 

Most random thing you have done as part of your job as a Water sports instructor.

Spent the night in jail for having the music to loud at the Club Vass End of Week Fancy Dress BBQ!

Club Vass Oscars, Brokeback Mountain – (it’s on YouTube)

Favourite location you have travelled to: Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Who inspires you in the seasonal industry?

Ben Harrison, Simon Hurray

The thing people don’t know about being a seasonaire before you get into it? 

You will make friends for life and have unique experiences that money cant buy!

What do your friends from School think about what you do?

Jealous is the word!


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