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Windsurf Instructor Vassiliki

Seasons are life! As any seasonaire will tell you. Simon Cook is a well respected windsurf trainer and resort manager in Vassiliki; he took the time to give us an insight into his life and give some advice for aspiring seasonaires. We are also delighted to announce he is a Watersports Nomad Ambassador!

Before and after.

I used to call myself a full-time seasonaire, but as the seasons rolled on and I gained qualifications, experience, knowledge and skills I’m now proud to call myself “a full time professional Instructor, Coach, Guide and Multi-Sports Athlete.”  I have an abundance of sports qualifications that make me a specialist in coaching, training & development.

Through seasons I’ve become an expert in the travel and tourism industry; with worldwide experience in teaching & coaching, as well as both sport and hospitality management. 


Job title- moves with the seasons… currently a Snowsports instructor and off-piste guide- Summer I’m a Resort Manager and Windsurf Trainer for Neilson Active Holidays

Current location- Alpe d’Huez, France, and The Cosmos Hotel in Vasiliki during Summer. 

Sponsors… Point-7 Sails, Starboard, Planks, SunGod, Whitedot Skis. 

Qualifications… Too many to list! At a glance- Windsurf Trainer & French Snowsports Professional. 

Age 36

What made me want to do seasons? 

I studied outdoor sports and travel & tourism in collage, this logically flowed into wanting to do great sports in the best possible environments! 

What skills have I learned doing seasons? 

Through seasons I have built a career and a life. What started as a gap year while I figured out what to do next, it evolved into a full time career and lifestyle combined! 

Vassiliki Ambassador Simon Cookie

Why work with Watersports Nomads? What advice for future instructors? 

Don’t put it off! There is rarely “the right time” for things to happen- the time is now! Who knows what doors will open with new qualifications and friends made along the way. Becoming a windsurfing Instructor will open doors that you never knew existed!

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Why do you continue to do seasons? 

I think by this point it’s not a case of “why continue”… work changes with the seasons- the winter comes and it’s time to get out the boards and skis and start coaching in the snow… the snow melts, summer begins and we change the equipment for wind based toys! Seasons are life… life continues! 

The thing people don’t know about being a seasonaire before you get into it?  

It’s not all sitting about on beaches! Working seasons are long days and hard work- but the rewards are worth it! Plenty of time to play and practice the sport you love, and being around the best in the industry is sure to inspire you to work harder, get more experience and skills!

Windsurf Instructor Vassiliki
Watersports Nomad Ambassador Cookie

Tell us about your YouTube Channel?

I started the channel to showcase some of the sports I love. The aim was to give live, on-board immersive experience of sports; narrating and explaining skills and techniques along the way as well as a little glimpse into the sports to inspire new people to join in!  With new camera and microphone technology on hand the views I could give gave a new look at the sport, with the ability to demonstrate live, while also coaching- whist really sharing the thrill of sports I love!  The cameras used to make these epic tutorials are Insta 360 Click here to find out more.

Check out for some more info, and of course, follow the YT channel!

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