Sailing jobs – get paid to teach sailing.

Sailing jobs are abundant (even if you didn’t think so). There’s plenty of demand for those who can teach sailing. Most watersports holiday companies have sailing as part of their programme. And with that comes the need for instructors to teach sailing. So why not take the plunge and get involved? Even with no prior […]

Dinghy sailing instructor jobs – no prior experience needed.

Dinghy sailing instructor jobs are a dream for many. So much so that a lot of individuals, even if they briefly consider the possibility, quickly brush the thought aside. Often this is because a lack of experience is thought prohibitive to getting one of the many dinghy sailing instructor jobs offered by a number of […]

Dinghy & multihull instructor courses with Watersports Nomad.

Dinghy & multihull instructor courses with Watersports Nomad will put you on the right path to your dream job within the watersports and sailing industry. If you’ve ever contemplated becoming a dinghy sailing instructor now’s your chance. Dinghy sailing & multihull instructor courses in Greece. And in addition, Watersports Nomad is based on the idyllic […]

How to become a dinghy sailing instructor.

Become a dinghy sailing instructor with Watersports Nomad.

Whatever your background or sailing experience becoming a dinghy instructor opens up the handling of boats for all comers. And even better you could get paid for doing what you love.