It all starts from becoming a Windsurfing Instructor – Ollie Scott

The manager of Club Vass took some time to explain the benefits of becoming a windsurfing Instructor. Ollie Scott gave us an incite into his lifestyle and why he has agreed to be a Watersports Nomad Ambassador.  Name: Oliver Scott  Cover photo credit ©douw steyn Nickname: Ollie/ Scotty Current Job Title: Club Manager Current Location: […]

How I Became a Seasonaire – George Grisley

If you have ever wondered how to become a watersports instructor and get paid to travel the world; find out how George got into it.  Name: George Grisley Age: 24 Nickname: Grizzly Bear Sponsors: Loftsails, AV Boards, Unifiber and OceanR Current Job Title: Professional Windsurfer and Social Media Manager Current Location: Cape Town, South Africa Best […]