Watersports instructor jobs – what are my options?

Watersports instructor jobs - what are my options? Plenty! Which this article about windsurfing instructor jobs highlights.

Watersports instructor roles are varied. Depending on the centre, school or resort you end up working at there’ll be a raft of different roles to move into, qualifications dependent. So what are my watersports instructor job options going to be like after a Watersports Nomad watersports instructor course?

What do I need to do initially?

First off, get your foundational watersports skills sorted, in tandem with your instructor training. A Watersports Nomad instructor course will give you everything you need to take those first steps in the watersports industry.

Windsurfing & dinghy sailing qualifications - what do I need to become an instructor?
Booking yourself onto a Watersports Nomad instructor course is the first step.

Whether becoming a fully rounded watersports instructor or looking more specifically at windsurfing or dinghy sailing you’ll be set for a varied choice of employment opportunities. You may even consider stand up paddle boarding specialisms. We offer the chance to become a SUP instructor as part of our programme in Vass.

Where do I go from my Watersports Nomad instructor training?

Watersports Nomad has a plethora of contacts within the watersports industry. Our reputation for getting students up to qualified levels of coaching, and being able to deliver quality sessions is a huge focus. As such relevant companies can come to us with opportunities that can be passed on to candidates.

From a budding instructor’s point of view, this cuts out the hassle of knowing where to go having gotten qualified. You’ll also gain interview experience on a Watersports Nomad instructor course so you’re prepared to go through the process of securing your dream job. 

Moving into the super yacht industry is one potential pathway you could follow.

What watersports instructor jobs are available?

Watersports jobs can be varied. Although there are tried and tested positions you could potentially walk straight into after your time in Vassiliki. Some centres in and around Vass itself use us for recruitment so you may not end up going far.

Windsurfing is a staple part of most watersports centre programmes. Being qualified to deliver beginner courses gives you plenty of employment opportunities. Dinghy sailing is another where there’s demand for instructors. Again, to start with, at the beginner to early intermediate end of the spectrum.

Windsurfing instructor roles are available at watersports centres.

Paddle boarding has become a popular discipline over the last few years. Many watersports centres have fleets of SUPs with guests looking to learn. This addition means more versatility for you as a coach with further employment prospects within the industry.

Can I become a specialist watersports coach?

Having sorted your foundational watersports instructor qualifications you’re free to add more to your CV. In fact, this is encouraged. Why stop, after all?

What Watersports Nomad provides is good group grounding for further advancements. There are plenty of higher level coaching accreditations within windsurfing, dinghy sailing and SUP that you could add. And the higher level a coach you are, the more advanced techniques you can teach. 

You could potentially become a specialist pro level windsurf coach in time.

In some instances, at certain venues, it may be applicable to be delivering specialist sessions. But like we say, you need the initial certificates first. And then have to go on and build your own coaching experience further before adding more ‘strings to your bow’.

This link gives some great info about upgrading your windsurfing qualification to an advanced coaching level.

Anything else I can do?

Some coaches move sideways after getting their first selection of coaching tickets. You may work on a beach teaching dinghy sailing to begin with. But your next step could be moving into the world of yachting, for instance. We know plenty of coaches who’ve done this. It’s another way to broaden your appeal to prospective employers and increase your salary opportunities.

Centre management roles are another pathway. After a few seasons delivering watersports sessions, your experience may be at a level applicable to running a centre and managing staff. This also improves your employment prospects and will pay more than working on a beach alone.

Who knows, you may end up teaching the instructors…

Instructor training could also be a possibility. With time, additional experience and certificates teaching the instructors how to do their job could be your chosen path. Who knows, you may end up delivering the very courses Watersports Nomad provides

Summing up.

Watersports instructor roles are plentiful. And as described above you don’t have to remain in the position you start your career. Opportunity can come in many forms. One thing’s for sure though. Starting your journey with a Watersports Nomad instructor course is a surefire way to get your best foot forward within the watersports industry.

For further Watersports Nomad instructor course info follow this link. If you still have questions feel free to contact us directly.

There’s also a whole load of further info you can find on the Watersports Nomad blog here

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