Watersports Nomad Training – Vassiliki FAQs

Vass is the Watersports Capital of Europe

Watersports Nomad aims to give all prospective students as much info as possible. We have plenty of resources and knowledge across the site. Sometimes, however, we appreciate there may still be more answers to questions needed. Our FAQ section (here) addresses many of those. If you feel something is still missing, please contact us here.

Why should I train to be a watersports instructor in Vassiliki?

Watesports Nomad provides the best dinghy and windsurfing instructors courses run by seasoned professionals in the best locations in the world. All Watersports Nomad dinghy and windsurfing Instructor courses are based at Club Vass and Wildwind in Vassiliki, Greece. Vass is one of the best watersports locations in Europe. In such fantastic conditions, you will improve quickly across dinghy saying, windsurfing, stand up paddle boarding and a few other things too! Away from the water, there’re also fantastic mountain biking and walking routes to be enjoyed. Plus, the rich Greek culture and Lefkada Island life are there to immerse yourself in too. On days off you can explore the island, its secluded beaches/bays, typically Greek villages/hamlets and bustling towns like Nydri and Lefkada Town. Alternatively, simply continue to soak up the unique Vass vibe and get even more time on the water.

Do I need any prior watersports skills?

You don’t need any prior watersports skills to enroll on a Watersports Noamd instructor course. We will give you all the tools you need to get you up to speed with both personal skills and teaching skills. Your time in Vassilki will be well spent and you’ll emerge a fully tained watersports instructor ready for employment.

Where is Vassilki?

Vassiliki Bay is found on the Ionian island of Lefkas, Greece. Lefkas has long been a port of call for yacht sailors, with many anchorages and stop off points to be found. Greece’s Ionian area in general is held in high regard by plenty of sailors who head here for summer yachting. Vassiliki lies on the south coast of the island – just a short journey (75 minutes) from Preveza Airport. Vass is a traditional Greek fishing village that just so happens to boast a unique summer wind pattern. And it’s these awesome summer afternoon winds that have given Vass the reputation it now enjoys.

What are the windsurfing & sailing conditions like in Vassilliki?

The unique wind phenomenon in Vassiliki Bay perfectly suits beginners and improvers in the morning. It then revs up to around force 5/6 in the afternoon. Vassiliki is therefore a unique place for beginners, intermediates and advanced sailors alike. Vassilki’s wind is thermal that also has an accelerating effect caused by the breeze rushing down the mountainside to the right. Around lunchtime/early afternoon, the prevailing light onshore airs switch to a cross shore direction and build. You can literally watch this happen and see the white caps start to form in the top part of the bay. But being a protected bay means chop is always at a minimum, meaning mostly flat water (great for all sailors). There’s also no tide in Vass or awkward currents you need to be aware of. This makes Vass super safe.

Windsurf instructor training with Watersports Nomad #4

What’s the general weather like in Vass?

Vassilki enjoys warm to hot, sunny weather in summer. Greece, as most will know, is a holiday destination with conditions that make it an attractive overseas country to head for. During high season it’s not uncommon to have super high thermometer readings up into the mid-30s. The sea temperature is also warm. With on land heat being such it’s often a welcome respite to fall into the brine. This makes it a great location to learn and indulge in watersports with the bare minimum of protection (wetsuits) needed. Mostly, what you wear on the water will be to fight off UV rays rather than the cold.

The weather in Vass is pretty good…

​What is the food like in Vassilki?

Typical Greek, Mediterranean fayre is what you’ll find on the menu in Vass. Seafood plays a big part (understandably) as does fresh fruit and vegetables. Local delicacies such as Tzatziki and Feta cheese are always on the menu. And the Greeks do a great line in grilled meats (if that’s your thing). The local bakeries are also worth checking out for pastries and such. When on a Watersports Nomad course you can enjoy the many local tavernas and eateries on offer in Vassiliki – social Greek dining at its best. Club Vass and Wildwind have a bar and restaurant which serves great food at good prices. Watersports Nomad students get a discount at Club Vass, where we spend most days. Club Vass and Wildwind also have weekly entertainment, including the famous Club Vass BBQ – not to be missed!

Socials and food – Vass style!

​What’s the social scene like in Greece?

In short, awesome! With many bars and venues, including the famous Zeus Bar, Vass has it all to offer. A large collection of like-minded people in a warm climate is a recipe for success. You’ll make tons of new friends – locals and other Watersports Nomad instructor trainees. Some of these will become friends for life!

What about Vass nightlife?

Life off the water is just as exciting as life on it. When the sun goes down Vassiliki doesn’t go to sleep! The Club Vass BBQs and nightlt entertainments around the village are legendary. The whole of Vassiliki is in holiday mode during the summer months and with so many bars and tavernas to choose from you will have a fantastic night out with like minded people. Just remember to overdo it as you’ll need to be back on the water the following day! But we do encourage all our students to have fun none the less. Otherwise, there’s no point…

We like to party – everybody does…

What about the locals and Greek culture in general?

Greece is renowned for its history and culture. Athens boasts one of the seven wonders of the world – the Acropolis – which sits above the city. Elsewhere in the country, there are many other historical sites and places to visit. Culturally the Greek people are very friendly and welcoming. There’s an emphasis on being outdoors, because of the weather, and enjoying life. Eating and drinking are particularly high on the agenda. Most Vass locals speak good English but they’re happy to help you learn a few Greek words if you fancy.  There are some great local characters in the town who you’ll no doubt come across. The whole place is very chilled out and easy going.

Vassilki and Greece’s culture in general is a big draw.

What’s an average day in Vass if I was on an instructor’s course with Watersports Nomad?

You will fly into Preveza on Sunday and Watersports Nomad will help you arrange your transfer to resort, a 45 minute drive from the airport. Watersports instructor training the kicks off first thing on Monday with a introduction to the course, facilities, accommodation and of course the training staff.

An average day in Vass may start like this.

Your day will begin with optional fitness, mountain biking, stand up paddle boarding and Yoga. If early mornings are not for you then you can relax in Club Vass before training begins at 10:00. Although we’d highly recommend making the most of all the opportunities you’ll be given.

  • 10:00 – 12:30: lessons with short theory and lots of water time.
  • 12:30 – 14:00: free sailing time and lunch.
  • 14:00 – 17:00: simulator and high wind sessions.

There is training 6 days a week. Saturdays are a day of rest but you are always welcome to go windsurfing or dinghy sailing, take out a SUP or go mountain biking and explore. If you want to relax then there are some beautiful beaches, swimming pools or cafes to enjoy.

Take a look at the video which shows some of the action and lifestyle to expect in Vassiliki with Watersprorts Nomad:

What’s the watersports equipment like?


Every year Club Vass takes delivery of 270 brand new boards and sails from Fanatic, Starboard, Severne, RRD, JP Australia, Goya and Quattro. This is premium equipment from some of the windsurfing industry’s premium brands. There are then also top of the range stand up paddle boards and mountain bikes to choose from. For anyone into these sports, this will be like being in the world’s best ‘toy shop’. As a Watersports Nomad trainee you’ll get the opportunity to use all of it!

Fancy getting your mitts on some top of the range windsurfing kit?

Dinghy sailing

Watersports Nomad’s basic sailing training uses Laser dinghies – the international Olympic boat and the biggest single handed class in the world.  You’ll also pilot the RS 2000 – a race equipped asymmetric spinnaker boat. Once students have mastered the basics we can then use Hobie Cats and asymmetric spinnaker boats courtesy of Wildwind. Wildwind have one of the best selections of dinghy sailing kit in the world.

Quality dinghy sailing equipment is available to all Watersports Noamd students.

Why should I train with Watersports Nomad?

Watersports Nomad has a reputation for providing the best training in the industry. Our staff team in Vass is a carefully selected bunch of industry experts guaranteed to help you to achieve your best. Many of our graduates now sit in some of the best positions in the watersports industry, in some of the most exciting locations in the world.

Others now occupy high powered roles relating to business and management which they accredit to their people management skills and communication skills developed in their days as watersports instructors with us.

Become a dinghy sailing instructor with Watersports Nomad. #4
The best watersports training!

Can I do a Watersports Nomad course during my summer holidays?

Many customers who join us for gap year and complete a watersports instructor training go on to working the industry during their summer holidays. Whether it’s a gap year option or deciding you are not going to uni and want an alternative career, what better way to spend your time than working on the water as a qualified windsurf or sailing instructor? Find out from our student, Amy Peacock, why she became a watersports instructor during her gap year in the video below.

What qualifications do I need to become a watersports instructor?

After a few weeks with Watersports Nomad in Greece you will have the qualifications and experience you need to get a job, start earning money and do what you love for a living! You can find out more about watersports instructor qualifications in this blog post.

What is it like training in Greece with Watersports Nomad?

It is hard to put the experience into words so we decided to follow one group during their gap year in Greece with us, here is their story.

With Watersports Nomad you will gain professional instructor qualifications that will boost your CV and show future employers that you are great with people, have awesome communication skills, can problem solve, organise (project manage) and can think outside the box when needed. There are other skills you’ll acquire also. Some of these traits will set you up for life and make you into the person you’re going to become. A Watersports Nomad instructor training course really can be that life affirming.

The skills you learn will set you up for life.

Vassiliki – where gap year dreams come true!

What makes Watersports Nomad so unique is all our windsurfing and dinghy instructor courses take place in probably one of the most accessible watersports locations – Vassiliki, Greece. Vassiliki is famous for the sunshine, social scene and the wind! Each morning you wake up to light onshore breeze which is ideal for beginner windsurfers and sailors. The sea breeze kicks in after lunch producing excellent conditions, perfect for intermediates and advanced.

Why Watersports Nomad?

  • The location speaks for itself! We find that many customers don’t leave Vassiliki, choosing instead to join our Instructor Development Programme or spend a few months perfecting more advanced windsurfing skills.
  • You also benefit from over 20 years of experience in delivering professional instructor training. Our instructors are all highly experienced and love what they do.
  • All the extra activities on offer include mountain biking, fitness and stand up paddle boarding.
  • Access to our free online recruitment service.
Watersports Nomad: the best choice for watersports instructor training.

Who are Watersports Nomad?

Watersports Nomad is made up of a a core group of watersports industry professionals with a long history working around windsurfing, sailing, stand up paddle boarding and various other disciplines. We’ve been in the game a long time and know our onions. Things have changed drastically over the years but we’ve always been at the centre of it. Being able to adapt to a landscape in flux is necessary. And this knowledge is something we’re able to impart to others.

Watersports Nomad – the best team!

Watersports Nomad is the ONLY watersports instructor training company in Vassilki. Our trusted relationships with the providers around us are what set us apart. It’s this access we’re able to pass on to our students. It doesn’t just stop with Vass partners, however. We have other industry providers that support us and can therefore support you. For more info about this and other aspects of Watersports Nomad head over to the about us page here.

Will I get a guaranteed job interview after the course?

Watersports Nomad are proud of our strong working relationship with Neilson Active Holidays we offer our windsurfing and dinghy sailing students the opportunity to apply and take an interview process prior to taking their course, a guaranteed interview!

To help get your dream job working on the beach, we have joined forces with Neilson’s recruitment team to offer you an interview and the potential to work in one of their watersports centres throughout Europe. No hidden conditions or contract periods. Just the opportunity for an interview with Europe’s largest watersports employer.

Will I get guaranteed employment after my course?

Watersports Noamd do everything in its power to get you fully trained and in front of the right employers at the end of your instructor training course. There’s been a shortage of watersports instructors in recent years so the chances you’ll get a job are good. That said there’s no guarantee. But we’re still pretty confident of your success and will help in any way we can.

Is being a watersports instructor well paid?

As an overseas watersports instructor you’llbe paid to teach windsurfing, dinghy sailing and paddle boarding. Usually, companies provide food and accommodation for the season. This is factored in to your salary. If you choose to make watersports your life long career (which you can definitely do) as you progress your wage will increase.

Lovin’ life in Vass.

Do I need a travel visa for Greece?

Depending on where you’re coming travel visa laws and arrangements will be different for entering and staying in Greece. You may need a permit and you’ll definitely need an in date passport. Since Brexit it’s now a requirement to have a valid passport that’ll cover you for the duration of your stay. So make sure you check this before your departure for Greece.

UK to Greece travel information can be found here.

For more general travel info follow this link.

Make sure you have an up to date passport otherwise, you won’t get to experience the beauty of Vass, and Greece.

What about insurance?

You should have full travel insurance when participating in a Watersports Nomad instructor course. This should cover any unforeseen eventualities including the need for repatriation back to the UK or other country of origin. It’s also worth joining an organisation like the RYA where you’ll be covered for third party insurance across windsurfing, dinghy sailing, yacht and powerboat, paddle boarding and wing foiling.

If you’re travelling with valuables then we’d suggest getting these insured separately as well.

Where will I stay with Watersports Nomad?

There are plenty of accommodation options during your time with Watersports Nomad. We have exclusive access to a village located apartment block. Many of our students choose to stay here. You can share a room or, if preferred, pay for a private room instead. To find out more about the Watersports Nomad accommodation head here.

Accommodation in Vassiliki
The Watersports Nomad apartment block in Vassilki.

Is my food and drink included with a Watersports Nomad instructor course?

During your time in Vassilki, you’ll get the option to experience lots of things in an extracurricular manner. This may be visiting the many Greek cultural sites you’ll find, day trips to other parts of the island, indulging in the many eating and drinking options available and so on. All of this isn’t included in the Watersports Nomad instructor training course programme so you’ll need to budget for it accordingly.

Your food and drink isn’t covered whilst on a Watersports Noamd instructor course. But Club Vass do offer a discount for students. You’ll need to pay Club Vass directly for anything you purchase. Any other charges incurred will need to be settled with individual businesses as Watersports Nomad aren’t responsible for this.

Are vegans and vegetarians catered for?

Vassilki is a modern Greek resort which caters for all comers. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian there are plenty of options to choose from. The fresh, local produce is well used in teh foods you’ll find in resort. Many of the restaurants, bars and hotels offer vegetarian and vegan dishes. Whilst local supermarkets are well stocked and cater for all palettes.

Is there a way to document my time with Watersports Nomad?

We appreciate everyone has smartphones these days, which are perfectly applicable to capturing your memories during your time in Vass. Some of you may also have waterproof action cams, such as GoPros, for on water shots. And whilst this is great there’s no accounting for a proper professionally shot image via an experienced camera operator.

Here at Watersports Nomad we’ve known and worked with PROtography for a while. Miles – the main photographer – is well versed in shooting watersports action. And as part of the Watersports Noamd package you’ll get access to these amazing photographs.

Can I bring my own windsurfing kit to Vass?

You may already be a keen windsurfer and fancy bringing your own kit to Vass. This would allow sojourns to other parts of the island for windsurfing missions on days off. Travelling with windsurfing gear is an additional expense that you’d need to arrange personally. It should also be noted that storage of equipment in Vass would also need to be arranged separately at an additional cost. Club Vass has plenty of up to date, modern kit available so we’d urge you to fully consider if you actually NEED to bring your own gear. It might be easier to leave it at home. If you’re considering the option then please get in touch with us first.

What about bikes and skateboards?

Getting around in Vass has long been done via bikes and skateboards (for instance). Some students do bring their own modes of transport to the resort. Any excess baggage costs will need to be sorted out by the individual. And with the option of getting hold of budget friendly bikes in resort we’d urge you to think hard whether you need to bring anything like this. As always, it’s best to discuss with us first prior to your arrival.

What happens if I have to cancel my Watersports Nomad course?

Watersports Nomad has a full list of T&Cs and policies. If you run into unforeseen circumstances that require cancellation of your Watersports Nomad instructor course we’d ask you to contact us at your earliest convenience.

If you have any other questions or queries then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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