Windsurfing & dinghy sailing qualifications – what do I need to become an instructor?

Windsurfing & dinghy sailing qualifications - what do I need to become an instructor?

Windsurfing and dinghy sailing instructor qualifications are very achievable when you enrol on a Watersports Nomad instructor course. Even without any prior experience, we’ll get you up to speed during your time in Vassiliki, Greece. From there you’re primed to take your newfound skills to beaches the world over. In this article, we look more in depth at the watersports qualifications and personal skills you’ll develop and come away with.

Windsurfing and dinghy sailing prerequisites – do I need any?

In a nutshell, there are no prerequisites needed for a Watersports Nomad instructor course. Other than a keen interest in learning these disciplines, how to teach them and a fondness for water. Being able to swim is also helpful. 

On a personal level, there are many students taking the plunge of becoming a watersports instructor without any prior sailing or windsurfing experience. Being based in Vass, with its consistent and warm summer wind, plus having access to fantastic equipment and knowledge on tap, you’ll be up to speed in no time. 

Watersports Nomad gives you all the personal and instructor training you’ll need.

Whilst on your Watersports Nomad instructor course personal sailing and riding are given focus. You do need to have a higher skill level than the students you’ll be teaching. But equally, you’re not expected to be a pro. Following the RYA dinghy sailing and windsurfing syllabus, we’ll get you signed off with the personal experience you need to be a qualified coach. It’s a fast-track approach, but one that works well because of Watersports Nomad’s proven methods.

What about my actual windsurfing and dinghy sailing instructor tickets?

Personal riding and teaching skills go hand in hand. Whilst learning the ropes you’ll also be gleaning all that necessary info that’ll be passed on to others.

There’s nothing like ‘in practice’ learning. And with activities like windsurfing and sailing, there’s no accounting for actually doing the thing. It’s the only way to consolidate and understand what these skills ‘look like’ on the water. 

Practical watersports knowledge and understanding put to good use.

So whilst learning and getting up to a high personal level of sailing and windsurfing skill you’ll also be readying yourself for the final assessment where you become signed off and gain your tickets. 

Watersports Nomad also gives you plenty of theory and teaching pointers to help you impart this newfound knowledge. We spend considerable time running through coaching drills that’ll also be valuable ‘tools’ in your teaching box.

Is there anything else I’ll need?

As well as being able to teach windsurfing and dinghy sailing effectively there’s a safety element that’ll need attention. Being on the water, and enjoying watersports, does carry some risk. Accidents can happen and as the instructor, it’ll be your job to resolve any situation effectively and efficiently.

Powerboat handling is an essential part of being a watersports instructor.

These issues are generally minor. But may still require swift transport back to the beach for further assistance. Your powerboat driving certificate is therefore included. Not only is a boat often the best platform for teaching, but it’s also a way to get students out of situations quickly. You’ll also learn basic VHF communication skills as they’ll be required when piloting a RIB.

First aid is another inclusive element to becoming a qualified dinghy sailing and windsurfing instructor. And this is delivered when you enrol on a Watersports Nomad instructor course

Stand up paddle boarding additions.

Depending on which Watersports Nomad instructor course you choose, stand up paddle boarding may be included. In recent years SUP had become an integral part of many watersports centres and school programmes. 

Even in windy locations like Vass, where the emphasis has traditionally been on windsurfing and sailing, the breeze doesn’t blow all the time. At which point calm waters are primed for some SUP action. As such, Watersports Nomad includes this as part of one of our courses. We’ll get you up to teaching readiness and give you another ‘string’ to your coaching bow. This’ll increase your chances of employment in a whole host of locations.

Fancy becoming a stand up paddle boarding instructor? Watersports Nomad now offers this option.

 (If you’re interested in SUP follow the link here).

Whatever Watersports Nomad course you choose, we provide everything you need to become a fully qualified teacher. You’ll go away with a complete set of accreditations and personal skills that’ll set you up for a new career in watersports.

For the full list of Watersports Nomad coaching courses and what each entails head over to this page. And for any further inquiries get in touch here.

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