Windsurfing jobs – change your life, and your career, with Watersports Nomad.

Windsurfing jobs are the stuff of dreams, right? Think again! Working in the windsurfing industry, as a windsurfer no less, is easier to achieve than you think. And we’re not talking about becoming a fully paid up pro competitor (which is often the perception). Likewise, we’re not talking about being a windsurfing sales rep either (although there’s nothing wrong with that!). We’re talking about actually being on a beach, somewhere warm and sunny with an expanse of water right in front of you. Windsurfing equipment’s close to hand and all day, every day you’ll be living and breathing the sport. Sounds far fetched? Not if you become a windsurfing instructor with Watersports Nomad!

Can I really get a job as a windsurfer?

Yes, you can! Becoming a windsurfing instructor guarantees you’ll be working around the sport you love, showing others how to do it and getting to ride yourself. After all, there needs to be a perk. And as a windsurfing instructor, you’ll get plenty of time to windsurf. 

We guarantee you’ll love it even if you’re not already into the sport! Enrolling on a Watersports Nomad windsurfing instructor course will change your life. Suddenly the world will literally be your oyster, with plenty of travelling opportunities. And all with windsurfing at the centre of it all. 

Will becoming a windsurfing instructor really change my life?

Anybody we know who’s become a windsurfing instructor wouldn’t ever go back. The newfound opportunities, new friends, new experiences and chance to do something fun in the sun is tangible. A good many windsurfing instructors have gone on to even bigger and better things. Those coaching qualifications have opened doors you wouldn’t have imagined previously.

So will it change your life by becoming a windsurfing instructor? Most definitely! The question, therefore, is why wouldn’t you get involved. And with Watersports Nomad guiding you, there’s a guarantee you’ll be on the right path from the off.

Is becoming an instructor a worthwhile career change?

Windsurfing instructors aren’t as highly paid (in monetary terms) as some professionals. But this is very much offset by the experience and what you gain as an individual. Living life to the fullest is much more important, in our opinion at least.

There’s also plenty of evidence to suggest an active, outdoor lifestyle is extremely beneficial to mental health and well being. In this day and age, with plenty of pressures heaped upon us, outlets and ways to keep mental health issues under control are key. Windsurfing can do that. Even more so doing a job you truly love that provides 100% fulfilment will have plenty of beneficial effects. So yes, we’d say becoming a windsurfing instructor – if only to take a bit of time out – is a good move. 

What kind of job am I likely to get?

There are plenty of options for employment following your Watersports Nomad instructor course. We have many contacts within the watersports industry and those businesses are often looking for seasonal instructors. In fact, it’s been reported there’s a shortage of coaches. So you’ll most likely be guaranteed work.

Windsurfing & dinghy sailing qualifications - what do I need to become an instructor?
Working on a beach, in the sun teaching windsurfing? Yes please!

Usually, these employment opportunities involve working on a beach somewhere in the Mediterranean. Contracts can often last the whole season which, depending upon location, could be for the whole summer. From there you may get a chance to continue your role as a windsurfing instructor through the winter. Locations for winter work can be further flung and give even more travel experience to those taking up these posts.

How much will I get paid?

The company employing you will pay you a fee for your work as an instructor. In many cases, your travel costs to and from the resort are covered, as is accommodation, food and drink and any visa requirements. What’s left in the pot is then yours. To be honest, you’re not going to become a millionaire (in monetary terms) as an instructor. But that’s not the point. The wealth you gain from the experience is priceless.

If you choose to gain higher level accreditations and qualifications you stand the chance of being employed in managerial roles or even becoming a trainer yourself. This gives more opportunities to earn and potentially make a bonafide career in watersports. There are a whole bunch of pathways to follow depending on what you’re looking for and your aspirations. Plenty of windsurfing instructors have gone on to even greater things and still work in the industry to this day. Our very own Watersports Nomad owner Adam Cubbock being one example!

Mr Chubbock doing his thing.

Summing up becoming a windsurfing instructor and changing your life and career.

Sunshine, sea, sand, warmth, wind and windsurfing. It’s an idyllic picture that most think is out of reach. Yet this couldn’t be more wrong. Becoming a windsurfing instructor unlocks the lifestyle everyone wants. But is actually much more attainable than everyone thinks. There’s no age limit on windsurfing and coaching the sport. Everyone’s free to tap into the lifestyle. Simply enrol on a Watersports Nomad windsurfing instructor course and it’s yours for the taking!

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