Women in watersports – encouraging more ladies to become watersports instructors.

Women in watersports, and ladies becoming windsurfing/sailing instructors, is a growing trend and one we want to encourage. Here at Watersports Nomad, we see this firsthand with our training courses. The ladies enter the industry as windsurfing, dinghy saying and paddle boarding instructors the better.

Watersports participation traditionally.

Traditionally windsurfing (particularly), sailing and other action sports have been dominated by men. Those Alpha males are the biggest representative demographic globally. And whilst we’re not criticising this we acknowledge there’s always been a need to balance this out.

This too includes the watersports instructor area of the industry. One big reason is because of the nature in which watersports are taught. Men and women, being anatomically different, have to refine their teaching methods accordingly. We all know everyone learns differently. So, having to slightly tweak the coaching methodology ultimately delivers a better experience for anyone wanting to learn.

Windsurfer Nicola Su sums things up: ‘I think often women have different challenges learning to windsurf, a female windsurfing instructor is inspiring and offers a similar perspective about how to tackle new challenges. I have found that my windsurfing has really progressed when being taught by a female instructor.’

Women in watersports, on the ground, in resort.

Having gotten qualified it’s then on to working as an instructor. On the beach, in resort, it’s all about the experience for guests. And having a better balance of male to female instructors is good for everyone. Many women beginner and improver windsurfers, for instance, appreciate being taught by female instructors.

Ladies generally have a more refined approach when teaching sports like windsurfing.

Guests/students have different avenues to glean information for watersports progression. Whilst the coaching team itself can pick up tips from one another and evolve in tandem. There’s always more than one way to skin a cat, so the saying goes. With a more balanced gender group of instructors the coaching environment will be much better.

Thinking of becoming watersports instructor?

You may be a lady who’s super keen on windsurfing, dinghy sailing and/or paddle boarding. Perhaps you’re thinking about working in the watersports industry as well. If so, Watersports Noma instructor training courses are for you.

Aspiring female dinghy sailing instructors are well catered for at Watersports Nomad.

With industry wide recognition as one of the best instructor training course providers, we have a solid reputation. And we cater for all comers. Our Greece based watersports instructor courses are perfectly suited to any ladies wanting to get involved. So check out what Watersports Nomad offer by following the link below.

Watersports Nomad aims moving forwards.

Moving forwards Watersports Nomad would like to encourage even more female windsurfing, sailing and paddle boarding instructors into the industry. There are a variety of courses we offer, all of which will springboard you into the world of working in watersports.

If you’re a keen lady windsurfer, sailor or paddler and have been toying with the idea of taking that leap into the watersport industry then get in touch. We’re only too happy to run through the options we have at Watersports Nomad. We’ll also do our best to allay any reservations you may have. In the meantime check out the video/article reviews from previous Watersports Nomad ladies above. You can also find more here.

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